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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Trinidad Cuba is my Favorite Place from Childhood
When I was a little girl, my parent used to take me to different places for vacation. Once they took me toTrinidad, and since that moment on this place has became my favorite spot. Trinidad is an amazing place because its architecture, its beaches, and its art.The first time I visited Trinidad was surprised by its old buildings. The whole city is built in the Spanish style. The lines of the buildings are a truerepresentation of the Barroque period. Besides, the streets are made of cobblestones, and main means of transportation is horse carriages, giving the final touchof an old scenary.
In addition, it is beaches are really marvelous. When I took a swim in those beaches, I got very impressed of how clear its waters are.The sand is a white as snow; I remember how I played with it. The beach water is so calm that swimming is an activity everybody can enjoy. Trinidad is a perfectspot for pedals and many other water activities.
Furthermore, the art scene is always bustling. The city is characterized the theater, by music, and theart galleries. For example, in Main Street there is a theater named Papalote which holds performance all day long. Also, there are dancing clubs which play salsaat night and children music during the day. The art galleries offer local art and Cuba pen instruments.
In Conclusion, a city I remember fondly isTrinidad. It is an interesting place due to its old scenary. It is beaches are nice recreation, and at the same time it is art. It is really an exceptional town.
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