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Class : English level I
Time: 9:00a.m.
Teacher: Nidia and Sindy. Student Teacher: Lidia RoveloGeneral Objective Activities Time Methodologies –
Techniques Materials Evaluation
To learn about WH questions by applying the Direct Method. Warm- up Development

3 min.

5 min.3 min.

4 min.
Communicative Approach

Question and answer exercise

Student Self Correction

Reading aloud


Map drawing

•Sheet of papers.

• Visual aids

Map drawing Evaluation is done throughout the whole class. Students show understanding of the class as they produce a series of activities.Students will do an oral question and answer exercise lead by the teacher about who they are, what they are doing, how they got to the classroom, why they are there, etc.
( Students are asked questionsand should answer in full sentences so that they practice new words and grammatical structures.)
Pre-Speaking Activity
• Students get ready to listen to the teacher and answer correctly.While-Speaking Activity
• The teacher provides the students with a brief dialogue. Two students may take turns reading sections of it. At the end of each student's turn, the teacher uses gestures, pictures,examples, or role play to help the students make meaning of the text.
• The teacher will give the students a fill-in-the-blank exercise sheet.
• The teacher will have students participate in themap drawing.
Specific Objectives

Introduce “ wh- questions” without giving the students any meaning or background.
Experiment with words and sentence patterns to create interest and variety.Have students be exposed to the target language by reading aloud.
Reinforce the wh teaching, and allow the student to encounter the vocabulary in a variety of contexts.
Give students...
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