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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2010
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Many people between 15 and 20 years old can remember being addicted or at least interested in Pokémon during their childhood. When Pokémon made it’s first appearance, in 1996, it had manyproblems because almost 700 kids had epileptic attacks caused by the flashes that appeared in one episode. After this incident it was canceled until 1998. That year was the same year that Nintendostarted selling the famous “game boy ”, and of course one of the most important games was Pokémon, in red or blue edition. This game laid the foundations of the saga, and since then the process of ithasn’t changed: capture, train and fight.

The experience I had during my primary years is something I will never forget. In my school Pokémon became so popular that it was almost insane andteachers were a little worried about it. Before Pokémon all the kids played soccer or basketball during playtime, but after it’s arrival, little by little playgrounds were invaded by kids with Pokémon gameboys, Pokémon cards and even Pokémon stuffed animals. At first only very few students had all this games, but really quickly everyone started asking their parents for the new sensational games, evenif it was instead the birthday or Christmas presents.
I remember that all the drawings made in class were about Pokémon. Some teachers reached the point of forbidding students to draw or even talkabout it inside classrooms.

As time went by kids were getting tired of the same old blue and red edition. That’s why, in 2001, Nintendo published the new generation: Golden and silver Pokémon! Nobodycould believe it, 150 new characters, graphics, full colored, an improved story and above of all, the game could recognize day and nighttime!

Unfortunately for Pokémon, this new generation didn’tlasted as long as it was expected and kids started playing sports again during playtime. After this, new game boy versions appeared: game boy color, advanced, and even Nintendo DS. However, despite...
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