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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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“Bring it up”
Camping is an outdoor activity. People who practice it leave civilization to get to an opened space to install their tents and settle down for one or several days. Camping trips aregenerally feared for the challenges they represent. On my last camping trip, I had problems with one of the indispensable things I had taken, this experience taught me that giving up on yourself is notan option.
I was traveling with a group of young people to Guanajuato. When we arrived the rain and wind were really strong, therefore we built the tents quickly and so that we would not get wetter.The second day, we went hiking to the mountains close by and when we returned the strong wind had succeeded in straining our tent’s poles enough to make it fall. Since it was not raining anymore weorganized ourselves and built it up again, this time taking our time to establish the poles correctly.
By the fourth day, I was confident that we had built up our tent correctly, but my confidence wasbroken when the wind defeated the poles again. That time we were coming back from the city of Guanajuato, and we had walked seven kilometers to get back to our camping space, therefore we were reallytired. I dreamed of a hot meal cooked on the campfire, yet my hopes were shattered when I found our tent had fallen again. By then, it was getting dark already, so I had to organize everyone asquickly as possible; some people dried the interior of the tent (which had gotten wet when the tent fell) whilst some others helped in strengthening the poles and bringing the tent back up, once again. Thistime we finished late at night, and luckily for us, it did not rain in the process, nor had the tent really broken, like it would happen the next time.
The time the tent actually broke,approximately three days later, we were coming back from another trip, this time to San Miguel de Allende. That time, I was the first one to arrive and see our tent had fallen. I wanted to cry, but instead,...