Constitution of Sosua Kids As a Non-Profit Association

Certificate of Incorporation
Our Certificateof Incorporation as a non-profit assosciation (Asociación sin fines de lucro) was issued was issued by theProcurador General de la Corte de Apelación del Departamento Judicial de Puerto Plata on 25th November2009 (Number 0018; Resolution Number 16-10-12-10-2009).
An RNC (Tax) number has been issued to Sosua Kidsby La Dirección General De Impuestos Internos of The Dominican Republic.
Our Constitution,approved by the authorities as part of the incorporation process, is printed below.
(An Englishtranslation, kindly provided by some local supporters solely for the information of non-Spanish- speaking membersand supporters is shown on a separate page. It is not a literal word-for-word translation and has no legalstatus. For all formal purposes, the original Spanish version, which follows below, applies).

Note:In this published version of our Constitution individuals' identity numbers (passport or cédula) and [continua]

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