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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Introduction: Attention Getter:

Sometimes we wish to see something different, something that no one else has or anything that would completely take it to a new level of awesomeness.

Link toAudience:
I want you to experience this, so just be with me for some minutes.

Speaker Credibility:
I’m not going to tell you that I don’t want you to buy this amazing product I’m about to present,but what I want you to know is that you are not only buying a simple product, you are buying THE PRODUCT of awesomeness.

Main Idea/ Objective:
To make you see how fun the “The water jet pack” is.Preview of Speech
First I wish to show you how amazing this product is, later on I will tell you some specifications about it as well as its price, and at last to show you how important is for youto follow instructions when using it, and how to buy the right one.

Let me present you, THE WATER JETPACK.

Key Message #1

I. The water jetpack, does it really exist?
A.The water jetpack as its names describes it, it’s a jetpack that would make you feel the sensation as if you where flying across the ocean.
B. One person can only use it at a time, yes? But whocares, feeling the way this products makes you fell has no price.
II. Let me show you how amazing it is:
A. Undaunted, we keep dreaming and express our yearnings in cartoons, science fiction,poetry, songs, films, and in our dreams. Today, it is estimated that about one in three persons have had flying dreams, so stop dreaming and lets make it real.

Now I have showed you howto take fun to a new whole level, lets talk about some specifications and its price.

Key Message #2

I. Price? Is it that important?
A. Maybe most of you would find its price a little bithigh, but wouldn’t you pay for something you have been dreaming all your life? Well, if you decide to complete one of your dreams, there are 2 different prices depending on the specifications, one at...
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