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Christopher Columbus

1451 born Genoa , the son of a Ligurian weaver, domenico Isabella of castile and (perhaps) americo Vespucci born the same year
1474 columbus sails on an earlytrading voyage the greek island of chios
1476 he lands, after a shipwreck, on the coast of Portugal .
1477 he sails north, perhaps to Iceland . This first contact with the limits ofthe known world may have attracted him to the unknown
1479 after last return to Genoa he goes back to Lisbon .A this period he reads and makes revealing marginal notes in the imago mundiof cardinal pierre d´´Ailly, the historia rerun ubique gestarum of pius piccolomini and the book of ser marco polo, all of which further stimulate his curiosity and ambition . Probably inthis same year he maries felipa perestrello – moniz , who was related to the Portuguese royal family he goes to live at porto santo, a small island near Madeira , where he is en thused by thestudy of the maps of his deceased father-in law and rumours of caved wooden objects swept up by the sea
1480-1481 birth of his son diego
1486 first meeting, at Cordova, with Ferdinandand Isabella , after vain attempts to win support for his projected explorations from joao. Of Portugal. The Portuguese king was interested in the circumnavigation of Africa and the discoveryof an eastward rather than a westward route to the indies.
1487 Bartholomew dias rounds the cape of good hope.
1488 in cordova, colombus,who was left widower probably in 1483enters intorelatioshipwith with beatriz enrriquez de haraña , out of wich is born his son Ferdinand, later a humanist man of scince and and this fathers biographer
1492 January 2 the capture of Granada, thelast Arab stronghold in Spain August 3 Columbus sails from Palos. October 12 he lands on an island of Bahamas , to which he gives the name of san Salvador. October 28 discobery of cuba
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