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In the ice age:
Before the ice age, the man took refuge in natural caves to endure the cruel cold that ensued. He started using elements to cover the body, this beingthe probable beginning of the use of garments, serve warm.
The dress of the Egyptians:
Inherited from the ancient oriental cultures Neolithic loincloth, to theEgyptians (men) constituted almost his only garment. Made with a smooth fabric fit at the waist by a belt. The kings used a loin cloth embroidered in gold and adorned withprecious stones, so were different from ordinary citizens
The costumes in the Middle Ages:
Traditions during this period from the V and XV, were one of the factors thatremained almost unchanged the characteristics of the clothing.
The barbarians, using shims imposed, implemented and by Roman soldiers. This garment is spread among thecivilian population and the High Society of the Middle Ages.
The costumes in the Modern Era:
In the fifteenth century, dresses boys shortened and lengthened shims. Theybegan to wear a toga, which was modified into a sort of bodice open at the sides, said at the waist and under the arms. Later, it became a front open jacket, whosesleeves were embroidered the family crests. The clothing was brightly colored and began using many skins (marten, marmot, ermine), which were incorporated into the layers andcoats.
The revolution of the jeans:
In 1860, California United States appears jeans, pants, specially designed for men who worked for gold. It was characterized byits strength and durability. Levi Strauss, a young man of 23 years, became legend to make pants with a similar fabric to the canvas. To this day the sige jeans fashion.
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