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The Six Sigma Project DMAIC Cycle
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Why must this project be done NOW? What is the business case for the project? Who is the customer? What is the current state? What will be the futurestate? What is the scope of this project? What are the tangible deliverables? What is the due date?


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During the project, how will Icontrol risk, quality, cost, schedule, scope, and changes to the plan? What types of progress reports should I send to sponsors? How will I assure that the business goalsof the project were accomplished? How will I maintain the gains made?

Measure ! What are the key metrics for this business process? ! Are metrics valid andreliable? ! Do we have adequate data on this process? ! How will I measure progress? ! How will I measure ultimate success?

Improve ! What is the work breakdownstructure for this project? ! What specific activities are necessary to meet the project's goals? ! How will I re-integrate the various subprojects? ! Do the changesproduce the desired effects? ! Any unanticipated consequences?

Analyze ! Current state analysis ! Is the current state as good as the process can do? ! Who will helpmake the changes? ! What resources will we need? ! What could cause this change effort to fail? ! What major obstacles do I face in completing this project?

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