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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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Commission: ECOSOC
Topic: Socio Economic impact and projects to reactivate the world economy due to fall of stock market in Wallstreet
Delegation: Nigeria
Delegate:Alejandro Aristizabal
The delegation of Nigeria has been conscious about the recent problems of economy in the world because of the fall of stock market. This issue issomething that may affect the entire world, and create a big impact over the economy of the country and its population. The lack of golden resourses that supports the bigeconomic investments that countries are doing will create a big disorder in terms of economy.

Nigeria is aware that its territory is the colony of France, and for this reasonthe delegation must take its position according to its belonged nation. By no means the delegation will stop insisting to get a political independence. Nigeria will alwaysinsist on the importance to liberate the European domain over the African territories.

For this reason the delegation considers as a main solution that every Africannation receives its emancipation in political terms, in order to avoid future conflicts that may cause more investments. Nigeria will make an economical agreement thatprovides resources to the European nations. As a second solution the delegation considers the possibility of European nations to dialogue to prevent upcoming military-relatedinstances. The delegation suggests an strategical economic alliance between that allows a pacific development of thenations. The huge amounts of capital put into theacquisition of armament is one of the main reasons to the fall of stock market so the possibility of pacific mediation must be always the main route to solve economical affairs.
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