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Tuesday 9, November 2010.
Familiar Values.
Familiar Values, are very important because they narrow and join ties, feeling, and domesticrelations.
Since the childhood, familiar values are learned inside the family, of this to will depend stability and relations to others in the future and these values will stay with each person for therest of his life.
Among the family values we can highlight: joy, generosity, respect, justice, responsibility, loyalty and self-esteem.
The joy that in the family born, is to help each other toovercome the obstacles that arise, as well as sharing the successes and achievements with others, there is no selfishness just the desire to help each other and this produces joy and satisfaction.In family life the generosity is developed, helping other people with joy and without expecting any reward; a generous person tries to do the life of the others family members enjoyable.Respect is other of the values that is learned inside the family, don't alone to respect to the person, toorespecting to their opinions and feelings .Inside thefamily is where the child learn that he, his ideas, thoughts and feelings deserve.
The justice is also learned at home, learn to give to others what we want for ourselves, a person thattries with respect to others, respecting their rights, this person have the virtue of the justice.
Be responsible supposed to assume the consequences of the our acts; in order to be responsiblythere that to know which are the obligations and engagements, by this matter is very important that the children to know which are their responsibilities and obligations, for example: the child have...
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