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exual abuse

© 2000-2003 Protect Children Inc.

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A special message to Parents. Children that are at a higher risk Warnings and preventive measures forParents More warnings and preventive measures for Parents Possible signs of sexual abuse/ molesting Warnings and look outs for kids Tricks, threats and lies used by molesters to trap kids More tricks, threats and lies used by molesters More tricks, threats and lies used to trap kids Sexual abuse is not always violent or physically forced Sex and sexual touching between an adult and child is not a signof love Children, respect and protect your body Common lies that are thought and believed by children that have been abused More lies that are thought and believed More lies and harmful thoughts by children that have been abused Vital tips on preventing kidnapping and child abduction

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Section 11(cont) Preventing kidnapping and abductionSection 12 Poem “Unexpected” by a recovering author

Section 12(cont) Poem continued HELP HELP Help numbers and websites More help numbers and websites

Section 1 A special message to parents Knowledge is the best weapon in protecting your children, but without your personal responsibility and application it is not much use. In one circumstance, when a certain child was molested the parentswere not knowledgeable or responsible at all. An adult babysitter was watching the child. The child's parents did not know that when the babysitter went out she would leave it up to her son to watch their child. They did not know this person and it turned out that he was molesting and abusing the child for many months. By the grace of God, the child had counseling and treatment, which provided a lotof understanding and healing, which prevented further abuse. We believe that the reason why wisdom and healing is poured out is so that healing and education can be weapons in the fight against sexual molestation. Parents watch your children. Please know their friends and their friend’s families. Know who your child is with. Do not be ashamed to ask your children from time to time about theirfriendships and relationships with others. Please make sure you have phone numbers and addresses of who your children are with. Pray for protection. Section 2 Children that are at a higher risk Though all kids can be at risk of child abuse, either physically forced or emotionally forced, there is a pattern of abuse among certain children. Abusers are afraid of getting caught and also afraid of beingrejected by the child, which would lead to them being exposed. Therefore, they seek the profile of a child that makes them feel like the child could be easily tricked and taken advantage of. Some of the items in this profile are: 1) A child from a broken or single parent home. (Abuser knows there will be emotional pain that the child will not want to think of, so the abuser thinks the child willaccept sex as a way to forget) 2) A child that dresses in a way that is revealing of their groin or buttocks areas. (This attracts the potential abuser and also gives an indication that the child is not responsible with their body) EX: The pants being worn down off the hips so that their underwear or boxers are showing.


3) A child that has had their father leave and there is little or nocontact. (Keeping in mind that abusers can be male or female, the stats show that the majority are male this is because they understand that a male or female child will be longing to have male attention and emotional connection, the abuser will use those emotions against the child.) 4) A child that has much freedom in their neighborhood for large amounts of time without the parents knowing their...
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