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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2010
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One of the major inventions was the telephone. The invention of the telephone was a major advancement in technology as we know it today. Without it, it would be almost impossible tocommunicate with others this days.The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1870. I think the telephone was one of the greatest inventions for the following reasons; communication, emergencyand it created jobs for others.

Firstly why the telephone is one of the major inventions is related to communication. The creation on the telephone changed how people communicated a great deal,because now people could communicate faster and a lot more easily than before. With telephones invented, now people could communicate with their families across country. If people were at home and theywanted to urgently talk to their boss, the will only have to call them by telephone, so in other words the telephones is important for community.

In addition why the telephone is one of the majorinventions has to do with emergency. It will be much easier to have a telephone for an emergency, because if someone gets hurts then we would just have to call the ambulance for help. The telephoneis a great and helpful device in a case of robbery. For instance, if you get robbed and assaulted by a delinquent, you can call the police and that way you might save your life, if the police arrive intime for your help. After what has happened you can denounce the delinquent by calling the authorities. That is why the telephone is so important for any case of emergency.

Furthermore why thetelephone is one of the major inventions is because it gave jobs for a lot of people. Working for a telephone company might increases your income. There are plenty of telephone companies, so if you workas an operator, there will be always work to do, because you will have to convince people on why they should join your company and not others. Since it might increase your income, you will be able...
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