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z PPPoE Account: Enter the User Name provided by your ISP for the PPPoE
z PPPoE Password: Enter the Password provided by your ISP for the PPPoEconnection
z Physical Address Clone: Your ISP may require a particular MAC address in order for you to connect to the Internet. This MAC address is the PC’s MAC address thatyour ISP had originally connected your Internet connection to. Type in this MAC address in this section to replace the WAN MAC address with the MAC address ofthat PC (you have to be using that PC for the Clone MAC Address button to work).
z MTU: MTU is the Maximum Transmission Unit. It specifies the largest packet sizepermitted for Internet transmission. Enter your MTU number in the text-box to set the limitation. The default value of MTU is 1492 and use
1300 while the line condition isbad.
z DNS: Check "DNS" and enter the IP address to specify DNS server for LAN DHCP server.
z Connection Type: Select your PPPoE connection from these options: Connectto Internet automatically: This feature will keep your Internet connection always alive. The Router will periodically check your Internet connection. If you aredisconnected, then the Router will automatically re-establish your connection. To use this option, click the radio button next to Auto Connect.
Auto disconnect when idle,time out: If enabled, the router will trigger a PPPoE session for connection to the Internet if any client PC on your
WLAN/LAN sends out a request for Internet access.However, the router
automatically disconnects the PPPoE session after the WAN connection has been idle for the amount of time you specified in the timeout box. If your
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