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Name: Kovasky B.




Answer the questions by using the novel. Provide evidence with page numbers and quotes. Answer in completesentences.

What did Ponyboy learn at the end of Chapter 6 about his family?

That darry cared about him and he really mattered and that he cared about darry too

What threat does Juvenile courthave on the Curtis family? If the judge decides to separate Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry, how would it affect each of the boys?

The threat is that they may take ponyboy from his brothers and be putin a boy’s home. I think that if they separate it will change their lives drastically because they lost their parents recently and they are the only thing that they are left with. Ponyboy wouldn beable to become something better, to make something of his life because he will always think “what if johnny would have never killed that guy?” so he will not want to be a better person and live in abetter neighborhood. Soda pop will end up in the street because he never finished school and darry would end up in the same place because he didn’t finished college so he will have a bad job.

How doesTwo-Bit explain “greasers” to Ponyboy? (p. 113) What influence does this have on Ponyboy?

He says that greasers are the ones that have the problems, that they are the ones that don’t have anythingbut ponyboy thinks that is not true because he knows that socs have problems also and they have feelings and that although they have money and many things they still have holes in their hearts justas them.

How does Randy’s talk with Ponyboy demonstrate similarities in Greasers and

He realized that socs were like them that they did have feelings and that they are human beings. Hesees how randy is really bad because of his best friend’s death

Why is Cherry so worried about Ponyboy? Why does she keep coming around? What significance does her talk with Ponyboy have on...
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