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This natural phenomenon that allows the life in the land, is caused by a series of gases that they find in the atmosphere, provoking that departs from the heat of the Sunthat our planet reflects remain caught supporting the global everage temperature like that during many million years the natural greenhouse effect supported the climate of theland to a relatively stable everage temperature and it was allowed that the life should develop.
“The cap of ozone ", constituted by a series of gases that leak the beamsultraviolet and the heat, so that the necessary temperature comes to the land to support the vital conditions so much for plants as animals. Of this account, the plants processthe solar power, turning her into food source for the animals that consume them or are fed
With organic matter of the land.

What is what does that the energy of the Solcould not escape of the atmosphere of a planet? Unlike a greenhouse the planets do not have a glass cap on them! On the other hand, in the atmosphere they have molecules known asgreenhouse gases, which absorb the heat. The greenhouse gases include steam, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide
The greenhouse effect is meeting accentuatedby the emission of certain gases due to the human activity, as the carbon dioxide and the methane, which is producing a warming in the Earth. There is a practically unanimousconsensus in the scientific community on which this warming is taking place for this reason.
The gas concentrations in the atmosphere They are growing rapidly, likeconsequence that the world burns quantities every time major of fossil fuels and it destroys the forests that might absorb carbon dioxide and favor the balance of the temperature
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