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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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In Ecuador exist a lot of kind of furniture, some of them are at homes but this is different cause this shows aproduct to reach and catch people´s watch and it made people buy the product, it depends about how does the showcase looks like. There aredifferent types of showcases like show display, TV wall, light box. In Ecuador we found just a few Enterprises and one of them is Steeljao , this is mydad´s company and it had been on the market 10 years ago. It works for some recognized brands like: LG, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, CLARO and almost allthe brands of electro domestics or technologies like cell phones, pads, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, and more. For make a good furnitureproducts showcase you need combine the colors you will implement on the furniture to make it striking for people. To make a furniture you need wood,paint , some contact cement, different types of skins for the wood and obviously people to made it. This process starts with a drawn a design inCINEMA 4D this app help us giving a look how the furniture will look, then if it is approved the design goes to the carpenters to make it. Thenafter that it goes to an special paint place to get it painted and voila it is already done! And ready pack with a special protective to deliver itintact to the consumers. We can found this showcases everywhere where the market is present like in the malls, supermarkets, electronics sellers.