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A Letter from Fathe

What's the bock about?
Read about this story on the back of this book.Then answer the
1 How many girls are there in the March family? "''*.
2 Is theirfather at home with them?

3 Does the family have a lot of money?
4 Are the girls sometimes happy?
5 Is this a good year for them?
What happens .
Look at the. pictures on pages 1and 2. What are the right answers? What do you think? Write them in the sentences.
1 The girls are .
at work at school at home
2 The time of year is
* Christmas 'summer fall3 The girls are talking about
jobs presents boyfriends
4 They are thinking about their too.
j friends brother father I

It was two clays before Christmas.
Meg,Jo, Beth, and Amy March were sisters. Meg was sixteen .
and she was very beautiful. She had big eyes and beautiful long brown
hair. Jo was fifteen. She was tall and thin. She had dark eyes andlong
brown hair. Beth was thirteen. She was very quiet. Little Amy had d
blue eyes and yellow hair. , ■
It was six in the evening and the girls were *$&•'
at home. They talked aboutChristmas. i|||
Jo wasn't happy. ' M
"It's Christmas.and we aren't going to have =' ,.,|
any presents!" she said. si
Meg looked at her old dress. $
"1 know, Jo," she said, "but we don't have f,A'
much money." f ..',
Amy said, "My friends are going to have H
■y: :■''
presents. I want some presents, too." J
Beth smiled.
"We don't have any money," she said. "But we have Mother andFather, and we're happy." Jo didn't smile.% She said, "We don't have Father. He's away in the war and he isn't
coming back for Christmas." .
"Maybe he isn't going to come back," the girls thought.But they
didn't say it.
present /'prezant/ (n)'ls that a present for me? Thank you!
war /war/ (n) People in the two countries are angry. There is going to be a war.
thought /Sot/ (v, past) 1...
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