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BLA Sample Questions

Outline principles that define the biological level of analysis.

The biological level of analysis can be outlined by three main principles. Principle one states that cognitions, emotions and behaviors are products of the anatomy and physiology of our nervous and endocrine systems. This meansthat there are physiological origins of behaviour such as neurotransmitters, hormones, specialized brain areas. An example of this can be seen with Dr. Harlow´s Case Study of Phineas Gage, where his head wound to the frontal lobe caused a drastic change in his personality becomeing irreverent, stuborn and aggressive. This case study demonstrate how one’s emotions and behavior was affected by achange in a physiology of anatomy. The BLA takes a reductionist approach becaue it focuses on how behavior is due to physiological processes without taking into consideration other factors that might also affect how we feel and how we behave.

Principle two states that Patterns of behavior can be inherited. The BLA assumes that individuals have a genetic predisposition towards certain behaviors.Though we have been able to identify a correlation between genes and behaviors we do not know how specific genes affect specific behaviors. It is also important to consider how genetic predisposition can be affected by environmental factors. This can be seen with Rosenthal´s case study of Genain Quadruplets, who all developed varying degrees of schizophrenia since they inherited the disorder from along history of both sides of their family with mental disorders. However the degree in which they developed the disorder was different which was due to environmental factors, such as depending on the way their parents treated them. Thus demonstrating how behavior can be inherited. (explain a bit more how this was genetic)

Principle three states that animal research may inform ourunderstanding of human behavior Importance of animal research. Through animal research their have been significant findings which have widened our understanding of human behavior. Animals are used since using actual humans would be unethical. This can be seen in the study of Martinez and Kesner who obtained significant findings of the result of acetylcholine on memory. Thus demonstarting how animal researchhas been used to understand human behavior. (talk about how human sometimes we cant use humans so we rely on animals.
In conclusion these three principles define the BLA and the results and research implicated for each one.

Outline one principle that defines the biological level of analysis and explain how it can be demonstrated in research/ Explain how principles thatdefine the biological level of analysis may be demonstrated in research (that is theories and/or studies)
The biological level of analysis can be outlined by three principles which explain how biological factors influence human behavior, and how understanding of human behavior in this level of analysis is obtained.
One of the principles that defines the BLA isprinciple three which states that animal research may inform our understanding of human behavior. Animal research has been the major contributor to our knowledge of basic learning processes and motivational systems. Studies of animal cognition have provided a comparative and ecological perspective on issues of the mind and intelligence. The use of animals for experimentation is covered by strictguidelines where it has to be demonstrated that the gains from the research outweigh the pain and distress inflicted unto the animal. Animal research is a crucial compnent of the biological level of analysis, since it is unethical to alter the humans biological systems to understand its effects on behaviors. Instead, being able to inflict this biological changes on animals, like altering the...
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