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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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Mari Pepa.

Mari Pepa is a short film of Cebolla films a production company, this was presented at various film festivals, winning awards. Your lasting 19 minutesand was directed by Samuel Kishi Leopo.
The main theme of this film is the family, such as the elderly cominezan to depend on young. Alex lives with his grandmother and likes to play guitar, butnot like the music ke her grandmother listening.
Alex with his friends have a rock band, so he decides do a concert, to impress a girl. They invited other boys and the girl he liked, but nobodywent tothat gig.This causes be sad and walking the streets of his neighborhood and looks at the girl he liked other boys, but returns home sad.
In that moment is that he realizes how lonely she leaves hergrandmother and the song begins to play it with your guitar.

La otra Emma.

This is a short film was a young man who was not happy with what happens in your life, burn "memories" to like thephoenix rise from the ashes and thus "start over", she wanted to get it right this time , so he decides to turn, changes the image by cutting her hair and try different names until finally afterpracticing with different names in the mirror is right for your new opportunity, which has decided to call Emma.

This time she decides to do everything carefully, is a manual entitled "Theperfect coverlet"as she read to make your quilt, would also apply thoseguidelines in his new life, she wanted someone to share his new "blanket" at the end things do not go as she thought, since you can not forcepeopleas she did so, she did not see others on the contrary, only cared about hishappiness without asking others if they were actually willing to be part of your life, getting people to change that whichshe had carefully chosen herto be afraid.

She realizes that once again things did not turn out as planned, giving up, and ending in burn all those false and new memories she had raised, reaching...
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