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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Smoking Kills
Felipe Gálvez
Vicente Risso
Pablo Fuentes
Lucas Garcia

(3 friends, Felipe, Lucas and Vicente, are sitting around a table having fun in a party. Lucas is smoking a cigarette)Felipe: Hey dude, can you please stop smoking?

Lucas: No way! I won’t stop because you ask me to do it.

Felipe: But tell me, why do you smoke?

Lucas: What a stupid question! Smoking makes youlook cool, you can go to parties and everybody would look at you, you look like an older guy… Come on, you’re talking like a nerd, isn’t it?

Vicente: Come on, don’t be such a pussy!

Felipe: Butsmoking is bad for your health, and you know that!

Lucas: No it’s not bad for my health, don’t be silly come one… How many people do you know that have died because of smoking?

Felipe: Well, Idon’t know…

Vicente: You see! The people that die because of smoking are just a myth to scare you. Everyone smokes.

Felipe: Maybe you are right…

Vicente: Of course we are! Try it! Smoke!Felipe: I don’t think so guys…

Lucas: Oh come on! It’s the best thing on earth… You feel relaxed and many other things, it is the best of the best

Felipe: Okay, let me try a bit

(Lucas passesFelipe the cigarette and Lucas with Vicente start singing)

Lucas and Vicente: Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke!
(Felipe is carrying the cigarette to his mouth when suddenly the video stops, thenFelipe speaks)

Felipe: That was me 40 years ago, when I was just 17… Great times… But at that age I started smoking, and I couldn’t stop until now… I’m in the hospital dying of lung cancer, myother friends died 5 years ago of hearts attack, now I understand that people that dye because of smoking are not any myth… It really happens…

(A cardiac machine sounds and its frequency starts to godown, with a dark background we hear Pablo speak)

Pablo: Smoking causes approximately 4 million deaths per year in the world, don’t be part of this number. Quit smoking now, because smoking...
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