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Industrial Technology
Dr.-Ing. George Power Porto


Objectives and competences
 Understanding of industrial and processes and identification of unit operations and processeswithin them.  Representation in block and process (symbol) flow diagrams  Analysis of operating variables, process parameters and quality issues  Knowledge of processes of the industry and basicchemicals.
19/03/2012 Industrial Technology 2

         Introduction to industrial process technology Water and water treatment Industrial gases Energy and power generation Inorganicbulk chemicals Fertilizers: ammonium nitrate, urea Cement and concrete Soap and detergents Plastics and polymers
Industrial Technology 3


 Continuous assessment (50%)

Graded tests (20%) Presentation of research work (30%)

 Mid-term exam (25%)  Final exam (25%)


Industrial Technology


Information sources
 Books and Referenceworks:
  

Moulijn at al, Chemical Process Technology Shreve’s Chemical Process Industries Kirk-Othmer, Encyclopedia and Concise Encyclopedia of Chemical Process Technology Perry’s ChemicalEngineer Handbook

 Magazines:

Chemical Engineering Internet (Wikipedia, YouTube) TV (Discovery, History, National Geographic Channel)
Industrial Technology 5

 Other:

19/03/2012 Industrial Technology
Dr.-Ing. George Power

Basics of industrial processes

Integrated industrial processes
 An integrated industrial process normally includes:

Raw materials


Unit operations for conditioning and purification raw materials One or more key chemical reactions (“unit processes”) Unit operations for separating and/or purification reaction products in orderto obtain the final product(s) and sub product(s) in the desired form


Chemical reactions


19/03/2012 Industrial Technology 7...
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