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Chapter Summary:

I. Focuses on a youth advertising conference. More specifically the Annual Advertising and Promoting to Kids conference. (APK) conference. Quart takes analyses various speakersthroughout the conference and their messages.

A. One of the speakers was Sonia Schroder from The Geppetto Group. She claims that, 'kids are in the process of becoming.' Cereal is 'the ultimatedependency food'

1. Quart notes that there is something amiss when a company relates selling products to the original lessons meant to be conveyed in Pinocchio.

II. Selling to Kids. There is a briefsection in the chapter that covers a few highlights of the history and evolution of children's advertising. .

A. Quart quotes scholar Lynn Spigel, "American children first became a late 1950's."B. She also talks about Dr. James U. McNeal as a pioneer in developing children as consumer base. He writes, '...growing customers from childhood is a less common source of new customers, but onebased on good business logic. If children are made to feel warm and fuzzy about a store or brand or product, they will bond with it."

III. Quart continues to mention speakers at the event.

A.Common themes include exploiting a child's ability to influence purchases and developing brand loyalty to kids.

IV. The Antimarketers. Outside the conference are activists protesting the awards.A. They include people from both sides of the political spectrum. Quart mentions Ralph Nader and Phyllis Schlafly.

B. Like the conference itself, the activists had speakers as well. They includedpeople from academia and foreign government officials.

1. Quart takes note that Sweden has taken steps towards protecting children from advertising. Great Britain seems to be leaning towards takingsimilar action as well.

V. APK, One Year On. Quart mentions that the conference is much smaller a year after 9/11, but that the concepts are relatively the same. Businesses are looking to adapt...
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