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Japan Guide
• Guide TokYO

Kyoto Guide
• Yokohama Guide
• Ōsaka Guide
• Sapporo Guide
• Nagasaki Guide
• Culture: Theater Bunraku, Kabuki
Japan, a place of ancient gods and customs, whilemecca of modernity, is composed of a central island, Honshu, and three other main islands, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyūschū, which are connected to the main island, Honshu, by tunnels and bridges.
Histrip to Japan can be hanged in countless ways, so as facets offers Japan. Overall if you want to see the ultra-modern Japan should visit the metropolis of Osaka Tokioy. Also these cities are the mostsuitable sites to see sumo wrestling, museums, visual arts and performing arts traditional Nipponese, as elKabuki or Noh theater.
Whoever wants to know Japan basically need at least a couple ofweeks. The first places you will visit are advised to Tokyo and Kyoto. Tokyo has almost anything you might need the tourists, their surroundings are equally interesting, including the historic city KamakuraNikko north and south. West Mount Fuji and Hakone as a resting place.
North of Tokyo is the Tohoku district, with pleasant mountain streams and spa hotels. It is mandatory Hiraizumi golden room, a keypoint for tourists. It is also interesting bay with islands, Matsushima autumn, more traditional Japan.
The Daisetzu-zan National Park is ideal for hiking in the mountains or the landscapes ofnational parks as Shikotsu-Toya, Rebun-tō, and Shiretoko Rishiri-tō.

In Hokkaido Hakodate City stresses that amazingly still retains its wooden houses. It also highlights its capital Sapporo andHokkaidō traditional places.
For skiing we can choose the central Honshu, not for nothing is called the Alps Japanese consumers. Also in this area there are cities like Nagano or Matsumoto castle.
In theJapan Sea coast in the city of Kanazawa is also a preferred destination. It has one of the best gardens in the country. The Southern Alps of Japan Kyoto is highly recommended that the city is...
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