Estudiantes ensayo 250 palabras en ingles

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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2012
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250 Word Essay
There are some teachers who are going to require you to write a 250 word essay. Actually, it is a very short essay for that matterbut for some students, it may also be a burden to have a word limit in writing. Let us take a look at the scenarios that you need to understand tocompose a well developed essay.
For some students, it may be limiting to have a word factor quota in writing an article. There are some individualswho can tell more out of a topic and that having 250 words will not suffice to tell everything in their minds. That is why you need to have theskills in budgeting the words that you have to write without sacrificing the ideas that you have to deliver. There are different essay types that youalso need to consider so having a word limit cannot simply be an easy task.
Still for some students, a 250 word essay may mean too much because thereare also some people who do not want to waste their time writing. No matter what the essay structure may be, these types of people are not reallyeager to translate their thoughts to written form so they think 250 words simply equates to too much work. Anyway, you need to understand that havingthis kind of limit will eventually benefit the students as they improve their discipline, being responsible and being resourceful individuals.
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