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This is the material you should have in your notebook for the first partial exam:
To be able to study the human being, we have to consider 3 fundamental aspects:
Biological, that studies thestructure and functioning of the organism
Psychological, that studies the personality and interpersonal relations, and
Social, that studies the laws, relations and culture of humans.

Although the threeaspects considers different concepts and methodology, they all have the same objective: to study humans as a unity (biological, psychological, and social).

Humans are living creatures, butdifferent than plants and other animals, since humans have special characteristics acquired like language, abstract thinking, and the capacity of cultural creation. Humans have developed their intelligenceand are able to choose among different environments and way of life; also, they have the capacity of modifying the environment were they live.

Biologically humans belong to:
Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Hominidae
Genus: Homo
Species: Homo sapiens

Humans are born with certain anatomic and physiological deficiencies compared to other species(like poor defense mechanisms, can not swim, can not run, lacks strength and agility of other species). However, they have survived natural selection, and continues reproducing, and have a veryimportant role in nature, due to characteristics that make them superior, such as:
1. Five fingers in extremities. The superior are prehensile.
2. Binocular, stereoscopic and chromatic vision.
3. Erectposition. Free superior extremities to hold and manipulate objects.
4. Brain development, language, and other cultural expressions, being able to use past experience.

A normal human being, cannotlive in solitude. Mental processes and conduct are intelligible only in function of the interrelation with others. When born, he (she) is immersed within norms, ideas, habits, techniques, and...
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