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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

Should we get the H1N1 influenza vaccine? H1N1 or swine flu is a new influenza virus causing illness, hospitalizations and sometimes even deaths. Health officials believe itspreads in the same way as the seasonal flu. When people who are infected with swine flu cough or sneeze, they release tiny drops containing the virus into the air. Anyone who comes in contact withthese drops or touches a surface that an infected person has recently touched can catch H1N1 swine flu. That’s why influenza vaccine is very important as well as the only way to stop this disease andit should be provide to everyone without discrimination.
With this new H1N1 virus continuing to cause disease, hospitalizations and deaths all over the world is recommended the vaccination toprevent this. First, the vaccination for young people or children who are in close contact with each other in schools, which increases the possibility to spread. Young adults also are included in thisproblem because they often live, work, and study in close proximity, so they should vaccinated too. The most important are the old people because if they are attacked with this virus, they have a highprobability to die because their defenses are mostly weakened. It’s very important to take this vaccine; it has shown that after the vaccine, 90% of recipients achieved a strong immune response withinthree weeks, a sign that the vaccine is working very good. So it’s important to take the vaccine but, it is also important to be clean, for example, wash your hands, practice proper hygiene and eathealthy, there have been no deaths in people that are healthy.

On other hand the H1N1 have some side-effects that it may received the people who do not are capable to get it. The person that shouldnot receive the vaccine are kid younger than 2 years, persons with the age of 50 or older , people with chronic pulmonary or cardiovascular diseases, and pregnant adolescence or women (Pregnant...
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