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1. Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. Present Perfecto r past simple.
Anton Corbijn is one of the greatest artists ever. He BEGAN (begin) as a photographer when he was (be) just a kid,at eleven. He started (start) his career of music photographer when he has saw (see) the Dutch musician Herman brood playing at a cafe in Groningen (the Netherlands ) around 1975. He has taken(take) a lot of photos of the “rising star” Herman Brood & His wild romance. Because of the pictures taken by Corbijn, Brood´s fame rose quickly, and as a result Corbijn´ s own exposure increased.Corbijn has designed (design) album covers for u2, Depeche mode, the creatures (the second band of Siouxsie Sioux), Nick Cave, Bryan Adams, Metalica, Therapy?. The Rolling stone, R.E.M. The Bee gees,Saybia and Moke .Corbijn has directed (direct) many videoclips for rock bands all over the word, he made (make) his first important work with Depeche mode with Enjoy the silence.
2. Select thecorrect verb form (PPC/PP/or PS)to complete the textes.
Julia (study)has studied in the same school for five years. Them, one day her family (leave) left the town. She (move)has moved many times before,but, this time was different . now, she (study) has been studying harder than before in the new school.
Julian (word) has been wording in the same enterprise since last year. He (get) got the jobwithout an effort.
3. Use the obligation (have-must-should) to complete the sentences
f. Harry must be more organized
g. The Army have protect the citizens
h. My mother is a maid, she havewear uniform every day
i. Last year, I must wear and ugly pair of shoes. Now , I have a new ones. I must
clean them daily.
j. I don’t think she should be with this boy
k. 1. (tall) Angel is tallerthan santiago, but Hugo is the tallest
l. a. tallest/taller b. tallier/tallest
m. c. taller/ tallest d. tallier/talliest
n. 2....
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