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Manchester Business School |
Business to Business Marketing |
Analysis of Customer / Supplier relationsProf. Peter Naude |
727568910/12/2010 |

1. Introduction 2
a) Processos PROSS 2
b) Product attributes 2
c) Procesos PROSS portfolio of customers 3
2. Relationship with a customer (Identification) 4
a) Transactional Vs. Collaborational relationships 4
b)Customer and market trends 5
c) The Position of Procesos PROSS 5
d) The Position of the asset manager 6
3. Evaluation of the Relationship MasFondos - PROSS 6
a) The Exchange Process 6
b) The business relationship 7
c) Managing uncertainties and abilities 8
4. Recommendations 10
5. Bibliography 1

1. Introduction
a) Processos PROSS
Processos PROSS is an outsourcingcompany founded in Mexico City in 2004 that provides the service of record keeping for individuals’ movements in fund accounts. It is an independent entity in between a corporate company and fund managers; the service aids the accountability of individual accounts within saving funds, contribution funds, pension plans, and benefit plans.
Processos PROSS developed an information system in housethat can be customised to the requirements of distinct funds.
The PROSS record keeping service is hired by companies or fund managers who administer the fund and outsource the record keeping service. Every fund has different characteristics and the number of individuals contributing to the fund can vary from tens to hundred thousands employees, the complexity is then driven by the type of plan, andthe length of it. The flexibility of the system further more enables accountability to be tailored to different individuals depending on their rights over the fund and permits them to monitor real time their account balance as well as to make personal operations.
The main competitors of Procesos PROSS are within company HR departments and Asset Management firms. For simple funds the individualaccountability can be handled with a spreadsheet in which data is fed as movements are done in the fund and then the sum of the weighted contributions of participants is matched with the value of the fund. As the number of individuals and the complexity of the fund increase the accountability becomes more challenging and prone to mistakes. Asset managers have IT systems that can do individualaccounting however, it requires labour to feed the data and adaptation of the system to implement new types of plans. The PROSS System is a flexible platform that has evolved with the requirements of different clients and is able to handle a virtually unlimited number of individuals in the most complex plans available. The cost of service is rarely monetised when done by the HR department, and assetmanagers provide the service for “free” though it has a cost. PROSS charges a flat rate to set up the fund and then a monthly fee for each individual account.

b) Product attributes
The attributes of the product help decision makers choose among different products. In this case the following attributes are recognised.

Core attributes need to be fulfilled for HR departments and assetmanagers to service individuals and for them to know their account balance. Most companies that handle their individual accounts have failures because the reliability of their spreadsheets can be doubted. Serious problems can occur to the point that some individuals may not receive their full payback generating mistrust and problems within the firm. Security of information also has to be guaranteed asinformation cannot be lost.

Tangible attributes: The PROSS system was developed in house and through out the years programmed to most known types of funds. If needed new add-ins can be developed on a short notice and capacity increased by adding servers. Confidentiality of salaries and wealth of individuals are best undisclosed and for so names are assigned numbers in the system.

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