Estudio de edificio sustentable

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30 THE BOND Sustainable Design Case Study
++ Introduction The first building in achieve 5 STAR rating from the GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) in Sydney was “30 the Bond” the new headquarters of Bovis Lend Lease in Australia. It was rated in the denomination type as an “Office as Built”. The building, released in March of 2004, was defined as one of a kind for it good designin most of the requirements for the sustainability rate standards. Since the outset, the aim of the designers and architects was to develop a sustainable response to the typical office block. The building was conceived as a benchmark for ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) and this objective had to be achieved during all the stages, without compromising of any commercial objectives in theentire project.
Fig. 1 – 30 the Bond

But, does the building represent a blueprint for sustainable design? After analysing achieves and performance of the “30 the Bond” we can totally assure that basic principles for ESD were applied correctly and satisfactory, with this the building can be used as a genuine blueprint for ESD matters. At the same time rating standards were followed closely andaccomplished satisfactorily the terms needed for Green Star. Better than that, it can be said that exceed most of them. Otherwise, basic sustainable principles in practice were not considered due to the financial increases that it will cost; however, these criterias that were not considered did not affect the obtained rate. ++Pre-design and Briefing Major

Project Details Owner Project Team DesignerTeam Completion Date Cost Size Footprint Construction Building Type Use Group Annual Energy Greenhouse Gas Emission City Country DB Breef Bovis Lend Lease Deutsche Office Trust PTW Architects March 2004 $112 Million 21mt x 100mt 2,100 mt2 31,800 mt2 Office / Commercial Bovis Lend Lease 1243mWh (63kWh/m2) 1;162,300kg CO2 p/year (59kg CO2/m2) Sydney Australia

Fig. 2 – the Bond site

goals weredetermined by the Staff and management team, where previous individual tasks and research of topics were consulted by more than 300 consultants. Information and achievements of existent buildings were analysed to provide better alternatives for diminish GH gas emissions and IEQ improvement. Surveys applied to neighbours and employees were considered too.

ESD Priorities “30 the Bond” designerteam -Low Greenhouse gas emission -Indoor environmental quality -Water Management -Products and material Selection -Waste management -Pollution -Biodiversity

++ Building Description & Design intent “30 The Bond” was designed with a narrow footprint of 21m wide by 100m long, sited with his longer axis to a northsouth direction. The West and East façade are facing the harbour and a cliffrespectively. This cliff zone, where the old Gas Electricity was sited before, was to be amended in order to satisfy requirements due to the contaminated soil and affording this gave it a new ecological value. At the same time, a 6 stories sandstone containment wall holding the cliff soil was re-enforced and treated to be part of the new building. The building has a total of 9 stories with a totalconstruction area of 31,800 square meters, where 600 square meters holds the atrium area. The distribution of areas was designed in the next way; the entrance, lobby and main distribution corridors are in the south face first floor of the building; the west side was designated to hold the main zone for offices and corporative areas in all the stories, the north section also includes offices in the topfloors, but in the bottom ones is where most of the services and installation rooms are. These three main sections surround an atrium area that constitutes the communal hall of the building where part of the sandstone wall works as a thermal mass body. This main hall holds in the first floor a coffee shop, consuming area and meeting spots for the office services. Hanging overground more meeting...
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