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1) I a new laptop. (to buy)

2) Toby his blue pen? (to find)
3) John on a trip through Alaska. (not/to go)
4) How often she the office? (to phone)

5) they ever to New York? (to be)
6) Andy his sister's bike. (not/to repair)
7) The students their homework. (not/to forget)
8) Emma this film on TV. (not/to see)
9) What you in the kitchen? (to drop)
10) theMillers yet? (to arrive)


1) She in Sweden before she went to Norway. (to live)
2) After we the cornflakes, Henry came in. (to eat)
3) Before Ken ran to Kerry's house, he him. (to phone)

4) After they their rucksacks, they rode away on their bikes. (to pack)
5) Gerry helped his grandma in the house because his father him so. (to tell)

6) The cat hid under the chairbecause the children so loud. (to be)

7) Before the students started to write, the teacher their mobile phones. (to collect)
8) After Max his breakfast, he left the flat. (to finish)
9) Laura repaired her glasses because her brother them. (to break)

10) By the time the show began, all friends . (to arrive)

1) Anne her bike next week. (to repair)
2) We thewashing by 8 o'clock. (to do)
3) She Paris by the end of next year. (to visit)
4) I this by 6 o'clock. (to finish)

5) Sam by next week. (to leave)

6) She this with her mother tonight. (to discuss)
7) The police the driver. (to arrest)

8) They their essay by tomorrow. (to write)
9) Paolo the teams. (to manage)

10) If we can do that - then we our mission. (to fulfil)

1) Carl to the teacher for the last ten minutes. (to listen)
2) The students to learn the new words. (to try)
3) Kim crossword puzzles. (to do)
4) The teachers in the sun. (to lie)
5) I in the last lesson. (to sleep)
6) The doctor the patients. (to examine)
7) They loudly. (to laugh)

8) We the whole evening. (to phone)
9) My father dinner. (to prepare)
10) Zackthe whole evening. (to dance)

1) She hockey. (to play)

2) They in the pool. (to swim)

3) It . (to rain)

4) We to music. (to listen)

5) The mobil . (to ring)

6) The students . (to text)

7) Max with two girls. (to dance)
8) I in front of the shop. (to wait)
9) The cat in the basket. (to sleep)
10) He Gerry's bike. (to repair)FUTURE COUNTINUOUS TENSES
1) Peggy to the party on Saturday. (to come)
2) We him tomorrow. (to meet)
3) This time next week he to South Africa. (to fly)
4) At 6 o'clock on Friday they the new song. (to sing)

5) It when I reach Bangkok. (to rain)
6) Tomorrow at nine I a test. (to write)
7) Andy a video when I arrive tonight. (to watch)
8) You pizza soon. (to eat)

9) She whenyou telephone her. (to sleep)
10) They in Budapest just about now. (to arrive)

1) We our dog. (to call)

2) Emma in the lessons. (to dream)

3) They at birds. (to look)

4) John home from school. (to come)
5) I my friends. (to meet)

6) Maria their room. (to tidy up)

7) He a new MP3 player. (to buy)

8) The dog out of the house. (to run)
9) You yourglasses. (to need)

10) She a snake. (to touch)

1) Jane a film. (to watch)

2) He a box. (to carry)

3) They their father. (to help)

4) John and Amy things. (to swap)

5) I to Andrew. (to talk)

6) In 2001 our class a trip to Norwich. (to make)
7) The weather really nice. (to be)

8) The secretary the file yesterday. (to delete)
9) Paul nothing to me. (tosay)

10) The people something to each other. (to whisper)

If I ____________ (to study), I ________________(to pass) the exams.
2) If the sun ______________ (to shine), we ______________(to walk) to the town.
3) He ____________(to see) the doctor if he __________________(to have) a temperature
4) If my friends ____________ (to come), I _______________(to be) very...
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