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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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'Greek Thoughts ' with Bill Klein
for March 13
suneidesis - Part 1 - συνέιδριον (Strong's #4892)
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Meet the Author
Bill Klein has been a pastor, counselor, and educator for the past 36 years. He has had extensive training and educationin biblical languages, and has authored a Biblical Greek course.
He is currently serving as Professor of Biblical Greek at Master's Graduate School of Divinity, and president of BTE Ministries - TheBible Translation and Exegesis Institute of America, a non-profit organization located in California that provides Bible study tapes and Greek study materials through their website note that all Biblical quotes, in this and all other lessons posted to Greek Thoughts, are from The Literal English Translation of the Bible produced by BTE Ministries - The Bible Translationand Exegesis Institute of America.
This week our focus is on a very important word from the Greek New Testament,  συνέιδριον (Strong's #4892, pronounced “sön ā dā sēs”) which means conscience orto be consciously aware.   This is a word compounded from  σύν (Strong's #4862, pronounced “sön”) which is a preposition meaning “with” and  οἶδα (Strong's #1492), pronounced “oi dä”)meaning “to know” or “to comprehend.”   Basically, συνέιδριον means " to know with something else " but a translation more readily understood in English would be " to know something aboutone's self" or " to be conscious of something."  
Συνέιδριον expresses a shared knowledge with one’s self.   This shared knowledge comes from individualized experience.  ...
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