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  • Publicado : 13 de enero de 2011
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This article tells us about the problematic conflict of renewable energy projects. The main problem is that there is a sector of the population whorejects having near them all the infrastructure that is needed for this kind of energy. The news focuses in the USA, where most of the citizens know that clean energies are extremely important for ourfuture, but at the same time they do not want to see thousand of miles of transmission lines and many other things which wouldn’t be visually attractive; here we have the huge problem of this debate:on the one hand renewable-energy projects would reduce pollution and combat climate change, but on the other hand wind turbines, solar panels and other energy infrastructure near homes would benecessary to complete these plans.

Many people think that there should be a place for these projects, far away from houses and farms. The article explains the experience of some countries about thistheme: in the USA we can find a confrontation between the East Coast and the West Coast because in California people agree with some projects in the Mojave Desert while up and down the East Coast residentsare opposing many plans. We can also talk about the same problem in the UK, but Canada is special case because is going to pass legislation in May establishing a framework for locatingrenewable-energy sites. The article also highlights the dilemma for some long time activists because they ask their selves whether is more important to produce non-polluting domestic energy or to protectenvironmentally valuable places. In conclusion, the article emphasizes the power of the government as a method to manage clean-energy projects, despite the disagreement of many people. France is a clear exampleof actions by the government in this theme.

From my point of view, clean energy is really important for our future and it is true that sometimes it can be really expensive because it requires...
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