Ethical dilema

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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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According to the book Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle, it becomes more facile to govern our emotions and reasons through the practice of good habits of character. This leads into choosing morallycorrect options during ethical dilemmas. Therefore, in order to thoroughly evaluate the ethical dilemma brought to your attention, alternative elements such as Virtue ethics and Kant’s CategoricalImperative must be applied in order to make the adequate decision.

Virtue ethics is one of the oldest ethical theories in Western philosophy. Its significance is primarily guided by morality and itemphasizes the idea that righteous moral decisions require righteous motives. The fact that Pat is considering to disclose confidential information in order to help her friend puts her core ethicalvalues at stake. However, it is clear that her motives are entirely parallel to the essence of Virtue ethics and even though this is only an assumption, there is strong evidence that can support thisclaim. For example, her determination to take advantage of educational opportunities provided by ABC demonstrates her responsibility, initiative and self-motivation. Also, 15 years of experiencewithin the company and a series of promotions that have led to her current position are proofs of her professionalism, loyalty and capacity to make important decisions. Therefore, these combinations ofqualities and values permit individuals such as Pat to act according to the ideas of virtue ethics and simultaneously maintain her professionalism. In other words, Pat seem to have good motives to breakthe confidentiality in the matter, but due to her good professional qualities and moral values, one ought to believe that her professionalism in conjunction with her generosity, will lead her intowarning her friend without committing an indiscretion.

The second theory to be applied is Kant’s Categorical imperative. This theory is based on three fundamental guidelines which are: one...
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