Ethical medicine

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Ethics and Behavior Control
There are many aspects that bioethics cover, the one who deals with questions concerning the extent of which behavior of human beings should be controlled by technologyis called behavior control.
The major issue in this topic is the elimination of individual freedom. There are lots of situations in which ethical issues of behavior control come out. For example,when a guy in prison is sedated in order to be controlled more easily, or when a kid in school is forced to use drugs that slows their level of hyper-activity. This methods seem to make life easier, butsociety does not see the other side of the coin, this methods can affect people’s healthiness. Those who are for behavior control may think that there is a standard for normal behavior and the mostsomeone’s behavior is closer to the standard, the best for society. By the other hand, those who are against behavior control may think that that standard do not exist.
Human Experimentation
The useof human beings for experimental purposes for their own therapy, for the good of humanity in general, or for the purpose of advancing scientific knowledge is called human experimentation. In other andeasier words, human experimentation is when a human is used to prove methods, medicines, or any other experiment instead of using animals. Many people think that experiments should be done first inanimals and then, only to prove something works or not, use humans, but never risking someone. This problem is even worst when a child is involved (pediatric medicine) because children and adults arecompletely different. Those who are in favor of human experimentation argue that as long as an experiment can advance scientific knowledge, human experimentations is justified. By the other hand theantiexperimentation argument says that no experimental procedure or drug should be used unless it is a last resort; it is meant to cure the person on whom it is used or the patient has give fully...
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