Ethics in the sports

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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Ethics in the sports
Benjamin Cisternas
Enrique Romero
In this essay talk about the rewards and punishments of athletes, besides, on problem that it has submitted the LondonOlympics game 2012, in the field technology all this supported of specialists in the sport and in the journalism of the Olympics.
First of all, remember the past 31 of July, wherethe sportsman in pommel horse, John Orozco, fails in their discipline, after overuse, john said: “I felt really tired during the routine” the Washington post publishes a “afterfinishing eighth in the men´s all-around, lack of strength was its enemy”.
While on the other hand, Bradley Wiggins, after obtaining gold, for his perfect performance, Wiggins was tocelebrate, the daily news of the 30 of July said: “Wiggins celebrate with a full hedonistic sprint Wednesday night, giving her adoring public a running commentary on he showed herendurance extended beyond the roads”
Well I think so that the athletes must train hardly for example Wiggins or a result he have off day to celebrate nevertheless Wiggins mustkeep training for be the member one! But not all the athletes can win, John Orozco is on of they he trained hardly and in the hour of the true he failed.
In conclusion the athletesshould training hardly besides they must have courage facing the failure.
Is also seen in the Olympics to the lack of technology, as it says in the Washington post of July 31,2012 “I was close by and I saw that it was a goal, I even celebrated it, and I could see on the TV that it was a goal” Perez Vargas said: “I feel frustrated because it’s decisionthat in the 21st century they’re not using the technology to check this”.
As Perez Vargas says it is unfortunate that the Olympic Games do not have that technology in water polo.
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