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Most Common Ethical Problems

• Overselling
Sometimes the hotels only want profits even if they oversell the hotel and at the end they get in troubles with the clients.

• Fails in timeshares30% of the complaints in the hotel business are because they offered a service below what they agreed. Timeshares is one of the most important source of incomes a hotel could have, so if they startedgetting ethical problems like this one’s is going to affect the complete hotel and the mail importance of a business: the profits.

• Fails in reservations and travel agencies packages
25% ofthe complaints in the hotel business are because reservations and travel agencies packages problems. Most of the times, the agencies packages offered something and when they arrive to the hotel ordestination, they discover other things that were not the plan.

• Failures in security and health.
19% of the complaints in the hotel business are because of security and health.

Refers to the behavior, about what is right and wrong. Someone ethic is someone with values and responsibility. In the hospitality the ethic is essential in order to feel confidence in customers.The ethic is one of the main topics in the hotel industry. That is why we are going to talk about it and all the problems they produce in the industry. This industry depends first of all in thetourists, hotels, casinos and resorts.

For example the Hyatt Hotel has a Code of Business Conduct and Ethic that consists in laws and standards that must be followed by all theirworkers, no matter what the range or position he has, is a process which everyone must complete.
Only the directors of the Hyatt Hotels can modify this code and through a big process. If someone of theworkers violate this code this would bring immediately consequences that will be apply with all the law. This consequences will be corrective actions or in the worst cases, final actions that could be...
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