Etica en negocios

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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An organization faces many challenges, some quite a few individuals in the constant search for a better company to do itseeks to maintain current customers to buy more, acquire new customers, have more income to employees or shareholders, as well of a variety of other activities.

In addition to this large amount ofshares to be studied who is benefited or harmed, it should also be benefited or harmed, this study is called ethics and must also consider who can and must have rights in the company.

You could saythat business ethics is required to examine the actions it takes the company and assess whether they are correct, this seems simple but is very complicated, because the processes taking place in acompany covering a very different number of aspects, some processes go to the owners, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

The ethical responsibility that should havecompanies should be oriented towards the values, freedom, equality, solidarity, respect and dialogue, based on these values, a company should give great importance to human resources in all areas withwhich there is some degree of relationship, human talent should be the principal of the company.
A company must care about their customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and society, instead ofworrying only about the interests of some, in many cases only the shareholders. By placing the human talent as the main action and focus on values, ethical processes can be developed are unique for eachcompany, but must be governed in this way not to lose the target.

Generally speaking, an ethical company to worry about having a fair with their employees, find that they are unhappy, happy, meettheir needs, help them in their growth, create equality, opportunities for dialogue and respect. With clients must provide quality products or services, which are not harmful or detrimental to...