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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2010
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• Will and grace

• The regular price: $299.99

• Our Price: $199.99

• Type of film: comedy

• This movie is very to find in the internet.


•Ghost whisperer

• Regular Price: $199.99

• Our Price: $99.99

• Type of film: drama

• This movie we can find in anytime.


• Sex and The City

•Regular Price: $199.99

• Our Price: $89.99

• Type of film: comedy/Romance

• This movie is some difficult find in the internet, but we can find in HBO.

A. The comments about these companies were not satisfactory since consumers complained about the poor quality of the DVD and also the lost of money in a product that doesn’t have a highimage quality, this makes that consumers ask for a refund m unfortunately, the company never returns the money because the poor quality of the DVD’s.

B. People knows the movies were cheatedbecause the quality of the image was bad, they listen some voices, and some others didn’t work.

C. the people can Contac the state internet fraud department, Demand the DVD DONKEY and Call to thepolice officer.


First when I started to search the movies and TV series in DVD, I noticed that they was an easy way to acquire them and they give us acomplete information about all this process of acquirement. But there are some other points that the company must solve, for example, the poor quality of the image in some DVD’s and also, they mustfix some of them that don’t work. 
Finally, this case makes me consider many things about the internet shopping. We must consider the restrictions of the warranty that the company gives usjust in case we have to purchase the product.

Martha Ramos
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