The fundamental divergences between morals, ethics, values, duties, and ethical systems

The fundamental divergences between morals, ethics, values, duties, and ethical systems
The structures and the definitions of a good behavior and a bad behavior are highly general, but the differences between its components clearly identifies them . First of all, the term moral is often mention as a set of rules concerning the conducts or behaviors of men; prescribing and encoding such conducts is known as the moral code. Moral also refers to certain behavior of an individual or an entire society to a certain policy; For example, " 'We make moral or ethicaljudgments all the time: 'Abortion is wrong' "(Pollock, 2010, p. 7). In addition, according to our habits and behaviors, we shape our lives and we acquire our own and particular mode of being; This character or mode of being is acquire through a series of habits and customs. Moral refers to behavior; this behavior is composed of habits, acts and customs.
On the other hand, Ethics is the philosophical and scientific study of morals, and the two relate to standards of behavior. (Gerrig, 2002) Today is consider that moral designates the code requirements or prohibitions accepted by a social group or established by a moralist. Ethical Word is a more technicalexpression within philosophy and gives rise to a system of philosophical principles that underline the prescriptive code. "The man is free to choose", in other words, this explains why humans choose a possibility instead of another.
Thirdly, based on morality, it must be distinguished, the nature of Mandatory, and the sense of Moral obligation or duty, but what does it mean the term duty ? It means to "Feel or be forced to say: We are link to something or someone "From" or "Somehow", and we feel obligated." (Gerrig, 2002) Humans can have a particular obligation or duty, but cannot do the opposite of what this duty prescribes them. In particular, [continua]

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