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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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It started with a low light
Next thing i knew they ripped me from my bed
And then they took my blood type
It left a strange impression in my headYou know that i was hoping
That i could leave this starcrossed world behind
But when they cut me open
I guess I changed my mindAnd you know I might
To loath too far from the fort this time
cuz they calling me by my name
And the shimmering white lightingdisregards the bones and satellites

That was the turning point
That was the lonely point

The songmakersmakes so bad
The dreammakers couldnt make you mad
The spaceman saids everybody look down!
Its all in your mind

Now imback in auburn
I’m looking forward to this life I live
You kow its going to happen
So imitation to this life I did
You think youmight cross over
Caught between my devil and the deep blue sea
You better look it over
Before you make that deep!And you know im fine but I hear those voices at night
sometimes justify my claim
and the public don’t ground my transmission
cuz it wasn’t televisedit was the turning point
it was the lonely night

The songmakers aint so bad
The dreammakers goingmake you mad
The spaceman saids everybody look down!
Its all in your mind

The songmakers aint so bad
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