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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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Subject: english level 3

Teacher: Aquileo

How do people get each other when they meet for the first time?
A: Well when you meet other personfor first you can be like a little shy.

Are Greetings customs different for men and woman? How?
A:Yes, because when you come from other country itcan be very different, because in other part of the world the traditions and customs change a lot.

When and how do you address people formaly?A:When is an adult person, and I speak with a lot of respect.

What are some do`s and dont`s for table manners?
A: Do`s
* Eat with your mouthclosed
* Sit correctly
* Put your elbows in the table
* Do a lot of noise with the silverware

Are Certain foods or beverages taboo?A: Yes, like the cow in certain contrys thats something to reverance.

What are some taboo conversation topics?
A: Maybe, art body or religions.What are the costums about punctuality?
A: Always be on time beacuse is very importat and it talks about your presentation or yourself.

What is acustomary Gift if you are visiting someone`s house?
A: Be educated.

Are there any gift taboos?
A: Well, when you are in a chinesse wedding theyalways give you a dólar at the end of the ceremony and here in Mexico its different.

Are there some situations or places where you shouls dressmodlestly?
A: Yes, i dress different to go to the church.
What else shold visitor know?
A: That we have different traditions and they need to respect them.
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