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The Constitution
The British Constitution is an unwritten constitution, not being contained in a single legal document. It is based and can be modified by a simple Act of Parliament like any otherlaw.
In theory, the constitution has three branches: Parliaments, the government, which executes laws puts them into effect and the law courts, which interpret laws
Parliament is thesupreme legislative authority and It has got three elements : the sovereign , the house Lords and the house of Commons
Members of the house of common are elected by the voters of 650 constituencies.They are known or members of parliament.
Members of the house lord are not elected. About 70 per cent of them are hereditly peers’ because their fathers were peers before them. The other 30 per cent arelife peers’, whose titles are not passed on to their children.
They are officially appointed by the Queen On advice of the Government, for variour services to the nation.
Functions of Parliament
•Making laws
• Providing money for government, through taxation.
• Examining government policy administration and spending.
• Debating political questions.

The Government
The leader of theparty which obtains a majority of seats in general election is normed Primer Minister and is formally asked by the sovereign to recommend a group of minister is advised by a cabinet includes the ministersis charge of major government departments or ministers.
Departments and ministers are run by civil servants who are permament officials. Even if the government changes after an election, the somecivil servants are employed.

Functions of the primer Minister
• Leading the majority party
• Running the Government
• Appointing Cabinet ministers an other ministers
• Representing the nation inpolitical matters

The cabinet
Since the eighteenth century in the Cabinet has been increasingly responsible for deciding policies and controlling and coordinating government administration.
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