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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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  1. What factors contributed to EuroDisney’s poor performance during its first year of operation?   

The factors contributing to EuroDisney’s poor performance are:
  a) Hotel Roomswere high priced.
  b) Poor Attendance in 1992.
  c) Gulf War in 1991.
  d) The World’s Fair in Seville, Spain.
  e) The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.
  f) Too few seats at restaurants forguests at breakfast.
  g) No alcohol served with meals
  h) French visitors stayed away from EuroDisney (Cateora, Graham, 2007, pp. 614-616)

  2. To what degree do you consider these factorswere 

  a) Foreseeable because Disney knew they were taking a risk by opening the theme park.   The post Gulf War kept visitors from taking summer vacations.   The World’s Fair in Seville and the 1992Olympics in Barcelona drew visitors away from EuroDisney.   Disney didn’t know what to expect for breakfast and was unprepared.
  b) Controllable because Disney could have anticipated the Frenchcustom of having wine with every meal.   They could have lowered costs on hotel rooms and flights into Paris to see EuroDisney right away. (Cateora, Graham, 2007, pp. 614-616)

  3. What role doesethnocentrism play in the role of EuroDisney’s launch?

Ethnocentrism played an important role in the story of EuroDisney’s launch that Disney believed that the French visitors would really go for aDisney theme park.   The variety the theme park had to offer needed to change to attract French visitors and people from other countries in Europe. (Cateora, Graham, 2007, pp. 614-616)

  4. How do youassess the cross-cultural marketing skills of Disney?

The cross-cultural marketing skills needed to be improved on by Disney.   The French people were not originally recognized as being culturallydifferent from the Americans and some adjustments needed to be made.   In later years, restaurant seating was expanded and alcohol was served with meals. (Cateora, Graham, 2007, pp. 614-616)
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