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The hydrographic network
In this summary will put a major issue and paraphernalia after 4 each with an idea and the other subordinate prinsipal.
The current water networkemerges after the last glaciation, which formed the current fjords, lakes and basins. In general, the rivers pass over the materialesblandos, deeply imbedded in regions of hard materials. Thesecountries are older and weaknesses of faults and joints direct the course of rivers.

European rivers are moderately long, with no major avenues and, in general, regular. Big rivers are navigable up tothe beginning of the middle. In Western Europe, the longest river is the Danube, with 2,860 km long and flows into the Black Sea. The second longest river is the Rhine with a 1,326 km long and emptiesinto the Atlantic north of the Channel.
The relieveeuropeo not too complex, basically organized around a large central plain surrounded by mountainous regions more or less ancient. However, while theplain is dominant (66% of the territory does not exceed 200 meters) the influence of the mountains is remarkable. The combination of mountain and plain, giving the area a valuable ecologicaldiversity, which has many resources to exploit. In Europe, the mountains are not insurmountable obstacles, quite the contrary, are regions of contact. The highest elevations are: Elbrus (5633 m) Mont Blanc(4,807 m) and Mulhacen (3,478 m).

But the most striking feature of European relief is the constant presence of the sea, thanks to cut their costs. Europe has more than 43,000 km of coastline, and noneof their points away from sea and not to receive its influence, although the terrain has much to say about it. This allows the entry of marine air masses much less contrasted than continental. Theclimaeuropeo is sweet and pleasant, with four very distinct seasons. The seas have facilitated communication between the peoples of Europe. Its coasts are easily found natural harbors, bays, etc. Are...
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