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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Super New Ecological Celephone (SNE)
Now, for you the new super ecological celephone!!! You can have a useful (util) celephone (without unnecessary things) and also you canhave and ecological object that be good for the nature.

The SNE Celephone is like a normal celephone except for:
Special Features: Ecological Features:
*Abigger memory for more speed (velocidad) *It works with sun energy
*A battery with more capacity *The SNE doesn’t work with any toxic material
*A revolutionary design(diseño) *All its materials are biodegradable
*A Special service with free internet *A battery with more duration

Colours, Size andStyles
* We only have one model with the following (siguientes) features:
*It comes in 3 colours: Black, white and blue.
*It only comes in one size: 7cm of high (alto), 4 ofwide (ancho) and 1 of thickness (grosor).
*It comes in tree styles: executive (elegant and), supermodern (with a special design) and Simple (without special features).
*But ifyou don’t like any of our designs you can ask for (pedir) custom-made (personalizado) model
*In the moment it will cost you 3oo Dollars, only in cash (en efectivo)because is very new and a lot of people is buying it. But in tree months you will find a lot of special prices depend on your payment (Forma de pago) with low deposits (AbonoBajo). And if you want a custom-made model it will cost you 450 dollars.
*But that’s it not all… for the first person that buy the Celephone it only will cost 100 dollars.Delivery
*We offer free delivery during this month. After, it will cost you 50 dollars in any place of the country.

*We offer a five-year guarantee
Available: Disponible
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