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  • Publicado : 5 de mayo de 2010
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Is it ethical to give children for adoption to homosexuals? As civil rights, LGBT adoption is that a child can be adopted, and thus legally the child of two members of a couple composed of twopersons of the same sex. LGBT Adoption is a right recognized in Andorra, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Guam, Iceland, Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Uruguay and in certainterritories of Australia and the United States. Various studies estimate that both homosexual and heterosexual couples likewise can educate children. While it is true that until there is a"reeducation" of society these children, in some cases may suffer rejection. In this case the parental homo adoption there are arguments for and arguments against.
Among the arguments for this to defend andvindicate the right of same-sex couples to adopt children, full legal equality with opposite-sex couples. Adoption is one of the rights granted to homosexuals that more debate and opposition has arisen,there are eight European states where marriage between same sex is supported by over 50% of citizens. Psychologists and psychiatrists have shown that children who grow up in gay parent families arehappy, with full intellectual and social development, and are rejected by their peers. Another conclusion is more insistent that children living in gay parental households do not stop being gay so inthe future, since the family little influence on the sexual identity of children. Furthermore, what has been made clear by the experts is that children who grow up in these families are much moreopen-minded, they act without bias and with greater freedom in deciding their sexual orientation, and therefore, the adoption by gay parental households is perfectly suited. Everyone has the freedom todecide whether their sexuality, profession, or any question for more minimal, since all we express ourselves and be the way we want, and they have the right to want to start a family with a good basis,...
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