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Metal with water
Potassium and sodium are two metals. They are kept under paraffin oil to prevent air and water reacting with them.
Potassium cut with a knife. Cut surface is shiny at first, But Isoon goes dull
Potassium reacting in water. The potassium floats on the water and reacts rapidly. The reaction produces hydrogen gas which burns with pinkish purple flame. The other product is analkali, potassium hydroxide, which dissolves in the water
Sodium is the similar way but slowly
Reactivity series
A league of metals
We can arrange metals in a league according to the results ofreaction.
Reactivity series=might react different metals with water, or with acid, and note how quickly metal reacts.
Fair test=to make sure the only difference between the reaction is the differentmetals.
Compare reactivity metal is very important to use fair test.

Displacement reactions
the irontakes the place of the copper in copper(2) sulphate-it steal the sulphate. This is called Displacement reactions.
Copper (2) sulphate+iron---- copper+iron(2)sulphate
It reacts because iron is morepowerful
If iron is put in a zinc sulphate it won’t react because zinc its less powerful.
Stable compounds
Stable=difficult to split up
Unstable=easy to split up
Thermal decompositionCompund of carbonate nitrate
Potassium not decomposedoxygen lost at high temperature the
Sodium metal nitrate remains
Calciumdecomposed into the metal oxide and decomposed into the metal oxide
Magnesium carbon dioxide. Brown nitrogen dioxide gas and...
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