Evaluación de inglés tipo ecaes

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Preguntas 1 - 5

¿Dónde puede ver estos avisos?

En las preguntas 1 - 5, marque A, B ó C en su hoja de respuestas.

No smoking | A. At homeB. On streetC.At a restaurant |

POSTEDNo huntingHikingTrespassing | A.At a natural reserveB.At a parkC.At a museum |

No swimming allowed | A.At a deep lakeB.At a coal mineC.At a garden |

NoentryCleaning in Process | A.At a restroomB.At a warehouseC.At a mall |

No drinkingallowedat Christmas parade | A. On a parade day routeB. At homeC. Anywhere in December |

Parte 2Preguntas 6 - 10

Lea las descripciones de la columna de la izquierda (6 -10) y las palabras de la columna de la derecha (A-H).

¿Qué palabra (A-H) concuerda con la descripción de cada frase de laizquierda (6-10)?

A. British English

6. It is the primary organ of taste. B. Seldom

7. It is a frequency adverb that means not often; infrequently C. Language
Or rarely.D. First language
8. It is a frequencyadverbthatmeansall the timeandon every
occasion. E. Frequency adverb

9. It is the broad term used to distinguish theforms of the English F. Sometimes
Language used in the United Kingdom from forms used elsewhere.
G. Always
10. Form of communication considered peculiar to humankind.
H. Tongue

Preguntas 11 - 15

Complete las cinco conversaciones

En las preguntas 11 – 15, marque A, B o C en su hoja de respuestas.

A. Bedtime stories is a great movie.
11.I’m going to bed. B.My alarm clock is not working well.
C. Make sure you turn off the TV before you go to bed.
And don’t forget to set your alarm.

A. That'll be $6.75.
12.Excuse me. Can you tell methe time, please? B. Sure! It’s raining.
C. Yes, of course. It's seven o'clock.

A. It’s a quarter after eight.
13. It’s getting dark. Do you have the time? B. So do I.
C. It’s dark outside....
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