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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Learner Diary – For the Week of: 15th April 2011

I. What we did in class:
Friday: there was apresentation about testing reading comprehension. This kind of testing is similar from a listening comprehension, all this to develop reading skills. Here we have got a really good question, do the studentuse to read in their language? According to the answer we can have an idea about what to do with them, so if they are not used to reading in their language how in the world they are going to understandreadings in a foreign language. We can find intensive and extensive readings, the first one are short readings, while whole articles, chapters and books are extensive ones.
We can find many types ofactivities we can apply to our student for them to get close to the reading comprehension. Some examples of test are the word matching, sentence matching, pictures and sentence matching, the lastactivity since my point of view is an interesting one, we can have a really totally attention from our student, of course it depends on the level we are working with. We can have advanced stage orreading matching test in this one, we can use a dictionary to write definition in order to let know and identify the world (s). Now let’s talk about true and false reading test, for this ones are not goodenough, they usually encourage guessing, and guessing is not a way to learn, and advantage in kind of items it to penalize or just to ask extra information from the words to encourage the students toread. Some that I consider important is the length of the reading extract recommended might vary from 50 to 100 at elementary level, 200 to 300 at the intermediate level, and 400 to 600 words at theadvance level. Reading comprehension is one of the most taking time items, it needs time to be done, it needs precision in the answers. Etc.

II. How did you feel this week?
It was the best week...
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